Allow me to introduce myself: I’m Chiara Mencarelli.

I have been working as a professional HR trainer since 2000 focusing on the hospitality industry since 2010.

I’m a passionate believer in Lifelong Learning, so after graduating in Education  Science (Università degli Studi di Perugia), specialising in out-of-school education, I continued to hone my skills by attending professional development courses for trainers on an annual basis. In 2005 I completed a two-year postgraduate specialisation in Psychology (with a research dissertation on Personnel Selection) at the Department of Psychology of Saint Petersburg University (Russia). Over the years I have broadened my expertise in the psychology of management, NLP, and in sales (in this latter field both as a trainer and an area manager) and in Hotel Hospitality.

After organising hundreds of professional development courses held in the conference rooms of the best hotels in central Italy, I discovered a passion for hospitality. I joined/ enrolled in the Postgraduate Course in Economics and Hotel Management, at the Centre for Management Studies of the Italian Association of Hotel Managers (A.D.A. – Associazione Direttori d’Albergo), and in the course of my career I managed four prestigious hotels in Rome, Macerata, Montepulciano and Assisi, while continuing to devote time to teaching, with a focus on tourism.

Passionate about study and research, it could not miss, even if after several years, a degree in Tourism Science with a thesis on “Destination Management: Umbria Region “.

Today my activities include training, consultancy and coaching for hotels and other hospitality facilities.

I am also President for the Umbria region of the A.D.A. – Associazione Direttori d’Albergo, founded in 1955 and occasionally I speak at conferences and workshops in Italy and abroad.

I work with the Mediterranean Tourism Foundation (headquartered in Malta), addressing international forums and conferences; I was a member of FIJET — the World Federation of Travel Journalists and Writers, to which I contributed articles about tourism and hospitality.

I love the world of hospitality and I particularly enjoy guiding hotels a  other facilities on a short route through which they can improve their results in three key areas: performance and budget control-  sales & marketing –  organisational HR development.